My Newt Update by Jackie Swanson

My Newt Update by Jackie Swanson

Newt Update.



Back in May I posted a blog about the newts in my garden pond.  They had been pretty active during the spring but by the time summer arrived they had quietened down and sightings became rare.  I would sit and watch the pond every now and then, hoping to catch a glimpse of them but nothing to report.


Now we’re well into autumn I decided to do a bit of garden tidying last weekend.  I’m growing some winter lettuce in the greenhouse, a selection of lamb’s lettuce, Winter Density and some winter salad leaves.  The slugs have started to do some damage so I had a search amongst the leaves for the perpetrators.  Suddenly I noticed a movement by the lamb’s lettuce and there was a tiny newt.  He measured about 15mm in length.



After taking a quick snap I carefully put him back among the greenery.  I’m assuming he’s decided to over-winter in the greenhouse and I’m more than happy for him to share my winter salad leaves. It would be great if he could help me out with the slugs too!

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