Loitering with intent

Loitering with intent

Garden frozen solid at the weekend so I refilled the bird feeders and was rewarded with plenty of avian comings and goings for my trouble. Robins, blue-tits, great tits, starlings and sparrows all appeared as did a magpie and a lone crow. It edged up to the pile of bread and seed on the ground very warily but then, once sure nothing sinister was going on, began grabbing pieces of bread in a frenzy. Then it spotted the dish of water, ‘Ah ha’ I could see it thinking as it hopped over for a drink. But what to do? Beak full of bread doesn’t allow for drinking. It promptly dropped all the bread into the water. ‘Oh you silly bird’ I was thinking. But no. Not so silly. It then proceeded to eat all the soggy bread thus getting food and water all in one hit. How very clever!!

The next job was to put up bird boxes – should have done it in the autumn of course, but better late than never. I chose my sites carefully – this one on the sheltered side of the beautiful old gnarled apple that dominates my garden all year round. And would you believe it? 15 minutes later whilst sipping a cup of tea (on the warm side of the glass doors in my kitchen), I watched as a procession of prospective tenants checked it out. Either the same two blue tits kept coming back or six different birds were interested. Each time they hung from the surrounding foliage and looked it over; then perched on the entrance hole and had a look inside. Lets hope it met with their approval and the removal vans will soon be arriving……

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    • Hi Nick, well I didn’t manage to do the RSPBs Garden Birdwatch this year – shame on me – but I can tell you we get all the usual birds: starlings, blue tits, great tits, robins (a family of them fledged last summer), magpies, blackbirds, sparrows ( great because they are becoming more rare these days) hedge sparrows ((aka dunnocks), and then some more unusual visitors: jays, green woodpeckers (they are huge), spotted woodpeckers, gold finches and a plethora of green parakeets. When the great white cherry and the apple tree in my garden are in fruit there can be anything up to 25 of them at one time! So there’s always something happening.

  1. hello from France!
    I have been reading your magazine for years and always enjoy it so much! I also admire robins, blue tits, black birds, sparrows etc.. in my garden and follow all the advices you give!!

    • You’re welcome Dominique ; personaly, I prefer black corbacks et other different little zozios, but what i like overall is the winner of the France Cyclist Tour in 1903, 1953, 1955, and 1963. See you soon, perhaps on the moon … ;-)

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