Wooly designer showcase

Wooly designer showcase

Organic Wool Wales sheep

A farmer, a knitter and a dressmaker walk into a bar… Well, it might not have been a bar but the important thing is they got together and, in response to their mutual frustration about the difficulties of not only obtaining but also processing and making use of British certified organic wool, they decided to do something.

‘Something’ became Organic Wool Wales, a collective which aims to connect organic wool-growers and processors, including spinning and weaving mills, with artists, designers and makers and to get people talking about and using British organic wool.


Juliet Morris, the farmer, runs organic sheep farm Ystrad Organics. Mother and daughter team Sue and Emily James, knitwear designer and dressmaker respectively, of Llynfi Textiles had some of Juliet’s wool woven into cloth by local West Wales Curlew Weavers and invited designers and makers to transform it.

Ellie Langley

Ellie Langley’s corset

Organic Wool Wales sketches

Camille Jacquemart’s progress

Carys Hedd

Carys Hedd’s contemporary betgwyn










The 17 participants, 10 from Wales and the remainder hailing from London to Glasgow, who took up the challenge include a furniture maker, an upholsterer, a costume designer and a screen printer as well as designers of footwear, children’s clothing and womenswear.

Thanks to Juliet, Sue and Emily’s commitment, and some funding and support from Organic Centre Wales, the project took off and this weekend the eagerly anticipated results will be on display at a first of its kind organic wool showcase at Wonderwool Wales, a festival of Welsh wool and natural fibres held annually at the Royal Welsh in Builth Wells.

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  1. The farmer, the knitter and the dressmaker have had such a fantastic time at Wonderwool this weekend! The Organic Welsh Wool Project drew lots of interest, and it’s been a joy to work with such talented people. Most important – it’s been getting the word out there about organic wool. Next venue: selected pieces will be at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival in May. ‘the knitter’ :)

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